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Crystal Chakras & Colors

Chakras are useful for a more balanced life.  Various crystals/stones are used in meditation, spirituality, are worn, as in jewelry, or are used by practitioners such as those who use Reiki. 

Use the charts below to find items in Jewelry by Agua Caliente Creations which have gemstones or metals influencing the chakras that need accentuating or balancing.  
Click on any of the choices in the Sub-Categories, below the charts.
Use certain colors from the choices of Mexican Glassware to help balance certain areas/needs.  
Look for additional items under the category, Religion and Spirituality.

Crown 7 Violet Integrate and balance all aspects of self—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
Brow 6 Dark Blue or indigo Increase understanding, access ideas and promote intuitive skills and memory
Throat 5 Light blue Ease communication difficulties, express yourself and bring peacefulness
Heart 4 Green Balance relationship with others and world, increase calm and create sense of direction in life; also for pink colors.
Solar Plexus 3 Yellow or Gold Clear thoughts, reduce anxiety, improve confidence
Sacral 2 Orange Balance creativity, release stresses and blocks in life that prevent enjoyment
Base (Root) 1 Black or Red Balance physical energy, motivation and practicality; promote sense of reality

Agate Base (Root), Sacral, Solar Plexus Logical thinking; Protection; Luck; Self-confidence
Amazonite Heart, Throat Intuition
Amber Solar Plexus Cheerfulness; Creativity; Luck; Increase motivation
Amethyst Quartz Brow, Crown Readiness for action; Fulfillment of desires; Intuition
Aquamarine Throat Foresight; Order; Stamina
Azurite-malachite Throat, Heart Love; Money; Protection
Carnelian Sacral Solving difficulties
Clear quartz All Magic; Power; Healing
Fire opal Base (Root), Solar Plexus Readiness for action; Cheerfulness; Fulfillment of desires; Enthusiasm; Money; Protection; Healing
Garnet Base Enthusiasm; New beginnings; Creativity; Solving difficulties: Luck; Self-Confidence; Stamina
Gold Heart Health
Green Aventurine Heart Enthusiasm; Luck; Money; Healing
Hematite Sacral, Solar Plexus Fulfillment of desires
Jade Heart Love; Money; Protection; Healing
Jasper Base (Root), Solar Plexus Grounding; Protection
Labradorite Throat Creativity; Enthusiasm; Goal setting; Intuition
Lapis Lazuli Throat, Brow Friendship
Malachite Heart Fulfillment of desires; Friendship; Positive attitude toward life
Milky Quartz All Improves mental concentration; Infections; Dandruff
Moonstone Sacral, Solar Plexus Fertility; Intuition; Love: Luck
Moss Agate Heart New beginnings; Solving difficulties
Obsidian Base (Root), Sacral, Crown Healing; Power; Will
Opal Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown Love; Healing; Power; Luck
Peach Aventurine Sacral Creativity; Decision making
Red Coral Heart Healing; Power
Rhodochrosite Base (Root) to Heart Enthusiasm; Industriousness; Love; Positive attitude toward life
Rose Quartz Heart, Throat Fertility; Love
Ruby Heart Love
Sapphire Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Crown Power; Love; Healing
Silver Base (Root) Health
Smokey Quartz Base, Sacral Solving difficulties; Protection
Sodalite Throat, Brow Order
Spinel Base (Root) Vitality; Money; Energy
Tiger Eye Solar Plexus Solving difficulties; Protection; 39th Anniversary
Topaz Solar Plexus Luck; Protection; Healing
Turquoise Throat, All Readiness for action; Foresight; Intuition; Luck; Protection
Zircon Base (Root) Wisdom; Wealth; Self-Confidence; Self-Esteem; Health; Love; Happiness

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