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About Us, DBA: A thru Z Imports, LLC, is located in Arizona now focusing our attention into our online customers reaching people from all over the world.

Magellan Traders has one of the largest selections of authentic Hand Blown Drinking Glasses from Mexico with the highest in stock count on the web. Our recycled glassware is a true example of how we are reclaiming renewable resources with natural materials. Our glass blowers use 100% lead-free recycled glass.

For holidays or all year around, Magellan Traders has an enormous collection of Nativity Sets from all around the world also mostly made from renewable resources and natural materials.

The Traders of Magellan's travel the globe to purchase various high quality products from Families and quality artisans from around the world. Our success is built from the reputation of the traders with whom we work and our widespread network of various Free Trade companies around the world.

For you, this means quality pieces from such remote places in Indonesia, and many parts of Africa, as well as the Mid east, India, the Orient, Mexico, South America and the USA.


 Since 1988 the travelers of Magellan Traders have been hand-selecting unique & one-of-a-kind treasures from all around the world.

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Enjoy our one stop shopping to purchase wedding gifts, birthday gifts, Hand Blown Glassware to celebrate any occasion with and home decorating gifts.  Find the perfect gift for him or her or something for yourself!

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Our traders build close relationships with villagers and artisans. This ensures that our items are authentic, handmade and neither manufactured nor artificially aged.  That is why we can make a money-back guarantee on all our items.

We carry products from many different countries, including a variety of garden and indoor fountains, stone carvings, and much more. 

Visit our Decorative Wall Crosses page to see our beautiful cross collection. 

If you are looking for unique, one of a kind treasures, Magellan Traders is the destination you are looking for! We have everything for you from Drinking Glasses from Mexico, Nativities and specialized home decorative items from numerous countries throughout the world.  View our Basket Collection.

Historically, cultures worldwide express their beliefs and traditions through their art and the functional wares of their society.  Magellan's Traders has always had an interest in the meaning and lore behind the treasures they find, and learning about a tribe's beliefs and customs through the description of artifacts that traders have brought back.

For more information or any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Our traders build close relationships with villagers and artists. This ensures that our items are authentic, handmade and not manufactured nor aged artificially. That is why we can make a money-back guarantee on all our items.

Meet a few of our traders:

Gary is our Peruvian trader that brings us mostly ceramic clay items, gourds, and textiles from many parts of Peru.

Kurt is our Guatemalan trader that brings us many varieties of textiles, ornaments, hand bags, bedspreads, hand carved Saints, and many more items from all over Guatemala.

Those are just a few of our experienced traders that travel the globe to find the unique products from around the world.

REPUTATION plus EXPERIENCE means QUALITY in this business...

You would be amazed at the collective experience of Magellan traders in our family of native traders around the globe.We have many more traders with whom we network throughout the world.

Whether you are a serious collector, or simply want to decorate your home with unusual Furniture and Home decor from around the world, you can find what you're looking for at Magellan Traders.

Happy adventures -- and don't forget to honor your own creative pursuits! You will be contributing to the next generation of traders looking for great stuff from YOUR continent.

Thanks for shopping with us!