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Jiaogulan Herbal Tea

Jiaogulan Herbal Tea
Beverage Powder

China's "IMMORTALITY HERB" super-charges your health.
We've all heard about the effectiveness of ginseng for boosting the immune system and energizing the body.
However, there's a lesser-known Asian herb--one that many Chinese use to extend their lives to 100 years or more. In fact, among those in China who take advantage of its healing powers, it's regarded as "like ginseng... But better".

The herb is jiaogulan (JOW-goo-lawn), and it's poised to be the next big thing in herbal supplements. Its catalog of benefits is dizzying--as is the amount of scientific research behind it. Treating everything from high blood pressure to bronchitis, this potent
antioxidant has also show anti-cancer effects in lab studies.
If the body needs rest, Jiaogulan promotes rest.
If the body needs to be energized, the herb does that as well.

Jiaogulan herbal tea has No caffeine, Artificial flavors, Coloring, Preservatives, or Sugar. Jiaogulan is a 100% all natural herb.  

Directions to make tea: Pour 1-4 cups of hot water in a pot and bring to a boil. Add 1-3 sachets, depending on potency, cover and turn off heat. Let it brew for 4-5 minutes and serve.
Add ice for iced tea.

1- Box ----$7.95 - with Free Shipping
Each box contains 4 foil packs of 5 individual sachets in each pack.
(20 individual sachets per box)

Leticia Smithapindhu (owner)
Five Leaf Co. Ltd. Chiangmai, Thailand

Let Tea is the company's brand name in Thailand. Let Tea is dedicated to producing a safe (using environmentally-friendly methods) and natural products.

At present we have a pure Jiaogulan tea. Jiaogulan is a Chinese name and the scientific name is Gynostemma pentaphyllum. Since Chiangmai is near China, this herb is also growing abundantly in our forest, and locally in the Doi Inthanon forest of Chiangmai.

Chiangmai is known for its fertile soil and the people are mostly farmers. Jiaogulan plant is very sensitive to chemical fertilizers so growers used compost or humus methods. It is a slow-growing plant. Jiaogulan is NOT bothered by insects or plant diseases, so growers do not use pesticides of any kind. Jiaogulan likes fertile soil to grow so every harvest the farmers have to plant legumes and build up the soil again by using natural fertilizer, the nitrogen from peanuts and beans.

After harvesting the Jiaogulan is washed and dehydrated in automated drying machines. The process is slow and at a low temperature to preserve the nutrients and beneficial effects of the tea. The sachets are packed in heavy-gauge lined foil protected from moisture as well as air.

As a cancer survivor, I found Jiaogulan as a very special herb because it nursed me back to health. I have been drinking this herb for eight years and I can assure you of its health benefits. I have never been admitted to the hospital for seven years now. I know how difficult it is to be sick so my mission is to share this blessing with everyone and with the world.


An herb that adapts to your body's needs
From the mountains of southern China, Jiaogulan was first recognized a medicinal herb in the 16 century. Since then, the evidence has mounted for its ability to heal and regulate the body's functions. Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogen---an herb that helps the body adapt and deal efficiently with the various stresses put upon it. In other words, it harmonizes the functions of the body.

When stress arises, the adaptogen equips your body to meet the challenge on equal terms. It strengthens the immune system and prevents the stress (be it the pressures of work, toxins in the air, an excessively poor diet, or whatever) from harming the body.
Animal studies conducted in 1990 demonstrated that the herb enhanced resistance in mice against the effects of excessive exercise, oxygen deprivation, electric stimulus, and high temperature.

Similarly, in human studies, Jiaogulan is shown to be a potent adaptogen. 300 athletes were tested with Jiaogulan prior to a competition (with a control group given a placebo). Every member of the test group reported increased vigor and alertness, quicker reflexes, and less nervousness.

This effect is coupled with the herb's ability to promote and improve sleep---with a tested effectiveness of 89-95 percent. So, if the body needs rest, Jiaogulan promotes rest. If it needs to be energized, the herb does that as well.

High-powered antioxidant protection
The active elements of Jiaogulan are high-powered antioxidants, scavenging the body for free radicals. In doing so, they protect the body from DNA damage (caused by oxidation) and stave off the inevitable physical decline--accounting for the 100-year life span of many Chinese Jiaogulan users.

A 1992 study at LOMA LINDA University demonstrated the antioxidant qualities of Jiaogulan. The different elements of the herb prevented a range of oxidation damage. The researchers concluded that "the extensive antioxidant effect of gypenosides (the active molecular component of Jiaogulan) may be valuable in the prevention and treatment of various diseases such as atherosclerosis, liver disease, and inflammation".
A proven cancer inhibitor

Partially as a result of its high-powered antioxidant effect, Jiaogulan has been show to obstruct the growth of cancer. In an animal study, a test group of rats was given Jiaogulan two weeks prior to the introduction of a carcinogen. After 18 weeks of receiving the carcinogen, the rats were killed and studied. Not only was the number of tumors in the test group lower than those in the control group (who received only the carcinogen), but Jiaogulan actually delayed the onset of the cancer for six weeks (even which the rats received regular injections of carcinogens).
Similarly, in clinical studies, researchers discovered that Jiaogulan increased the Natural Killer cell activities in patients with urogenital cancers, empowering their bodies to fight back against the invading tumors.

Jiaogulan regulates blood pressure and cholesterol
Both high and low blood pressures are dangerous to your health. Causing everything from heart attack, in the case of high blood pressure, to cerebral collapse in the case of low, they're serious conditions that must be addressed immediately. Jiaogulan does this, by bringing the blood pressure into the normal level (whether it's high or low).

In the area of hypertension (a result of dangerously high blood pressure), Jiaogulan was tested in a clinical study against ginseng. The results were surprising: 82 percent of those taking Jiaogulan noted improvement in their conditions, vs. only 46 percent taking ginseng.

The herb has an equally powerful effect in lowering dangerous cholesterol levels. Numerous clinical studies have been published showing that Jiaogulan is effective in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, and raising the HDL (good cholesterol) levels.
In lowering the dangerous LDL cholesterol, Jiaogulan helps prevent atherosclerosis, stokes, and heart attacks.

Jiaogulan makes your heart more efficient

Gypenoside have been found to enhance the contractility of the heart. In doing so, they increase the efficiency of the heart's pumping mechanism. Simply put, Jiaogulan reduces the burden on your heart, by helping it pump the same amount of blood with less stress and effort.
For this reason, the "immortality herb" would be perfect for an athlete, or active person, concerned with his physical output. Endurance is increased and recovery time shortened. This was born out in a study on 220 athletes and 30 healthy non-athletes. Using a color DOPPLER examination, researchers found that active components of Jiaogulan, in concert with other medicinal herbs, increased heart output measurably, with raising the heart rate and blood pressure.

Liver damage and bronchitis
But the heart isn't the organ aided and protected by Jiaogulan. Its healing power also extends to the liver, which the herb shields against toxic chemicals.

The lungs, too, benefit from the herb. Jiaogulan is remarkably effective in treating bronchitis---the disease it was originally used to cure in traditional China. In one study 86 cases of bronchitis, Jiaogulan improved 93 percent of those suffering. A study of 96 cases showed an effectiveness of 92 percent.
Leticia Smithapindhu (owner)
Five Leaf Co. Ltd. Chiangmai, Thailand